Life Back Business Systems

What a joy to be experiencing this journey!

Every year as we progress through our live’s, learning the lessons that come our way, gaining knowledge from insightful mentors and coaches, developing and utilizing the gifts we have been given, we find ourselves more confident in and more appreciative of the authentic beings we are.

One thing we know for sure is, we love to share what we know. We love the challenges and delights of being business owners, consultants and mentors. We love meeting and helping people achieve what they want in life. It truly makes us happy!


Every day is a fresh start! Colleen has spent her life studying the value of commitment and the effects of having a constantly fluctuating mental state of mind. Noticing that she, along with her friends and family frequently adjusted their goals based on the way they felt, left her with and unending desire to understand this behaviour pattern. She felt that commitments should be deeper than that and not subject to alteration or abandonment based on a passing feeling or emotional state at that moment. Not to say that making a decision to change your mind is not warranted, that option needs to remain open. Being aware that we often base our decisions on our current emotional state of mind is a gift of knowledge that has unlimited value. Colleen is willing to share her experiences as a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, investor and entrepreneur to help others in their pursuit of creating success in their lives.

As small buisness owners for over 33 years, Colleen and her husband Harvey have achieved MBA status through hands on day to day business operations that lead to repeated successes. The lessons gained through positive outcomes and multiple failures at a variety of strategic business plans, has kept them actively involved in the small business ownership game. Their love and passion for this game will keep them actively involved for many years to come.

Colleen is a firm believer of investing in yourself, throughout her life she has completed numerous educational programs, business courses and invested considerable amounts of time and money in personal development. She is committed to a life time of learning and her thirst for knowledge keeps her in constant pursuit of learning something new. Over time she has acquired the mentorship and friendship of some treasured people. Her husband Harvey, Pastor Marty Bronsch, Darren Weeks (Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Advisor) Bob Molle (Relationship Coach), Shelley Hagen (Real Estate Coach) and Jayne Johnson (Clearing Coach) She has attended programs with some of the finest teacher/leaders in the world. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Blair Singer and Keith Cunningham.

Colleen’s gifts are in office management, communication, management of change, bookkeeping, process and system development and implementation, helping people achieve their goals by developing realistic goals and holding them accountable. Her ability to remain calm and observant in chaotic situations has served her well throughout her life. She loves to share her material blessings and her knowledge with everyone. She believes without question that anyone can have what they desire if they truly want it. This belief is what lead her to a partnership with Harvey Sauer in Life Back Business Systems Ltd and Cheryl Bergeron in C4 Pivotal Bookkeeping Ltd. Colleen is confident their combined knowledge will benefit small business owners in their pursuit to creating success in their business through business strategy meetings, financial education and ongoing support. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs with their desire to achieve happiness. Creating a plan frees up your time, time allows you to have balance in your life, balance creates harmony, harmony creates happiness in all areas of your life! Together we can make it happen!


I have been a business owner for most of my adult life. I was raised on a farm in central Alberta and that is where I received my first education on what it is like to be a business owner. I learned many things during that time that both helped and hindered my success in business over the years. Hard work, honesty, reliability, a positive outlook and a go-getter attitude can get you a long way in life, especially in business. These are qualities I learned early in life and have served me well.

I believe that these are the qualities that gave me the initial success I had as a new entrepreneur. The continued combination of personal development, business training, mentorship and coaching, has led to our success and the creation of our wealth.

After I graduated high school I worked at several jobs, like many others and ended up having the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship as an Instrument Technician in the Oil and Gas industry. Around the same time as I completed my apprenticeship, 2 events transpired that changed the direction of my life from being an employee to being a business owner. Globally, the oil and gas industry was in a slump, that started in the early 1980s and culminated in the lowest price for oil in 1986. Naturally, this caused a decline in demand for the skills that I had just acquired. The company I worked for throughout my apprenticeship wasn’t able to find steady work for several of us that were just completing our apprenticeships. We realized that although we had a job, the prospect of having full time employment just wasn’t there. My friend and I decided that we had better take matters into our own hands and take control of our future. We started our own Instrumentation company to service the oil and gas industry in the Whitecourt and Fox Creek area of Alberta and I’ve been a business owner ever since.

That was over 32 years ago, and its been an interesting, challenging, educational and extremely rewarding experience. Through this time, I’ve been involved in the ownership and operation of over a dozen businesses serving the oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, electrical construction, equipment rental and real estate industry. I’ve been directly involved in merging, purchasing and selling business interests and involved in creating the deals and financing to get these deals completed.

Colleen has been my partner in life and in business over all these years and it’s the experiences we’ve had, and the experience we’ve gained over those 32 years as business owners that have brought us to where we are today. I believe our mission statement says it all. We love entrepreneurship and we love entrepreneurs and through Life Back Business Systems we will help business owners achieve harmony, balance and sustainability in all areas of their lives.