Life Back Business Systems

2 Day Life Balance and Sustainability Workshop


  • Create an awareness of what you really want in your life.
  • Assess 4 key areas-Health, Relationships, Personal Development and Finances/Business.
  • Create an awareness of the power of setting goals.
  • Determine the foundation of a balanced, fulfilled and sustainable life.


  • Clarity regarding values, vision, mission and purpose for your life.
  • Create a strategy for implementing balance in your life.
  • Implement a goal setting tool. Goal Board, planning, debrief, accountability.
  • Determine the next steps you need to take to achieve balance and sustainability.

Program Highlights

  • Intensive interview of your personal life in the 4 key areas. Assess past, present and future in these 4 key areas.
  • Focus on the importance of sustainability and how that can be achieved.
  • Determine your values, at a personal level. Explore how you are doing with honoring your values currently and how you would like that to look in the future.
  • Develop a ‘Code of Honor’ (clearly written value statement) for you personally and for your relationship/partnership.
  • We will identify your current patterns and activities that either help or hinder your progress. We will explore the concept that routines set you free. We will develop routines that will contribute to your future success in the 4 key areas.
  • Work through a goal setting process.
  • Introduce the term processing. Define and demonstrate how processing helps you get what you want. Learn processing techniques that you can use to achieve what you want.
  • Clarifies how the financial and business areas of your life need to look to ensure you have balance and sustainability in your entire life.
  • Develop strategies for the financial and business areas of your life that will ensure you achieve what you want in these areas.
  • We will clarify the different games you are playing in your life. (These are the aspects of your life, or roles you take up in your personal, community or business life. For example spouse, parent, sibling, board member, business owner, leader, etc.) When these are analyzed through the lens of what we need to consider when we want to be successful in playing a game, we can identify the opportunities, strategies, elements, support we require and steps we will take. The definition of success and the elements required to achieve that success are critical to identify, understand and communicate.
  • You will leave with a plan for success.