Life Back Business Systems

What we believe

  • You can do/be whatever you set your mind on
  • Everyone is equal and should be treated fairly
  • You begin to die when you stop learning
  • We are here to help/serve one another
  • The truth sets you free
  • You can change your life by changing your thinking
  • We as human beings connect spiritually through positive/negative energy
  • In being generous and giving from the heart without need for reciprocation
  • In business and personal development
  • Financial wealth is available for anyone that wants it
  • That a sustainable life can only be achieved through a plan that supports balance in all areas of your life
  • Everything is a process

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create balance and harmony in the lives of entrepreneurs, their organizations, and their families through transformational learning experiences, facilitation of process and system enhancements, and support for their evolving business strategies. Our goal is to ensure future sustainability in all areas of their life.

Our Vision

We believe in commitment to our dreams and to the development of our knowledge. Our team at Life Back Business Systems will help you create and hold you accountable to fulfilling your dreams. We will provide you with an endless stream of knowledge. Life Back Business Systems was founded on the concept that transformation is a process. Becoming a successful human being in any area of your life involves learning from a series of failures and successes, your’s and others. We are here to help you get through the tough times, celebrate the good times and keep you on track to being everything you dream of. Happiness is the reward of maintaining balance in all areas of your life.

Our promise

Our promise to you as your business consultant is to help you create balance in your life so that you too can experience true happiness! At Life Back Business Systems we guide you through a process that helps you determine what your needs are. We work with you to develop a customized plan that will bring harmony and sustainability to all areas of your life.
At Life Back Business Systems we are so confident in our process that we offer our satisfaction guarantee of results based on your custom plan or your money back!

Code of Honour

  • Be honest in all transactions and communications
  • Stay in exchange in all personal and business transactions
  • Communicate any issue to the appropriate person, the one who is able to do something about it
  • Never abandon a teammate in need
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be present
  • Everyone must sell
  • Be a walking demonstration of what you teach and coach; physically, emotionally, financially, and professionally
  • Be on time and respect other people’s time
  • Take ownership of responsibility (no laying blame, justification, finger-pointing or denial)
  • Do whatever it takes legally, ethically and morally to win and celebrate all wins
  • Deal direct, be willing to “Call it” and be “Called on it”
  • Finish what you start
  • Have fun