Life Back Business Systems

Thanks for taking the time to build a business that takes your life knowledge and passes it on the next generation! As I get vision, mission and code of honor done, I see how systems and the rest of it all falls into place. Looking forward to our ongoing visits and masterminds.

Daniel Labrecque

Thank you Colleen and Harvey for having us at Life Back Business Systems workshop. Malcolm and I enjoyed spending 2 full days receiving personal coaching that was applicable to our lives. I especially enjoyed the workshop on life balance, including health, relationships, spiritual, personal development and wealth. We feel as though our business plan is much more defined and our life balance plan is allowing us more time together as a family.

Malcolm and Jenelle Setter

HUGE gratitude and appreciation to Harvey and Colleen Sauer for facilitating and to Daniel Labrecque with Dan The Stickman for bringing me! The knowledge, expertise and collective experience that I have received throughout their intense 2 day workshop have clarified my vision, mission, core values and ultimate direction for my personal and business life PLUS illuminated the fundamental basics that will lead me to success in all areas of my life. Can't tell you how much relief and empowerment I am currently feeling. I am ready to soar to the next level!!

Remember every single person is a business and we are always selling ourselves. You ARE the product!! This workshop is an investment for every body at all levels.

Highly recommended!!!❤️️💯👍

Melissa Bellingham

Having the chance to attend a 2 day get away with my business partner (my sister) and Colleen and Harvey Sauer at LBBS was incredible and hugely rewarding. Being young female entrepreneurs in today’s here and now has some rather large obstacles that can be difficult to overcome and set your life, in business and at home, completely off balance. At LBBS we were shown how to take life back and set systems and goal in place to achieve sustainability and a happy fulfilling life, while still getting to love what we do. Highest recommendations for this great company and so excited to have them and their support going forward with our future.

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